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Can IT Freelancers/Professionals opt for Presumptive scheme of Income tax?

Can IT Freelancers/Professionals opt for Presumptive scheme of Income tax?

Presumptive scheme under Income tax is a popular scheme used by Businesses & Professionals. This scheme essentially reduces the burden of Income tax compliance on Micro & Small businesses & Professionals. Presumptive scheme for specified professionals was introduced in 2016. Presumptive scheme allows the taxpayer to presume their income as...

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GST compliance every e-commerce seller must know

GST compliance every e-commerce seller must know

Undeniably, online business or selling through e-marketplace has become not only the most popular channel of conducting business but also this channel of selling or conducting business has become inevitable for any business if it has to survive & grow in the future. It gives a business an infinite...

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Deduction of TDS by E-commerce seller

Deduction of TDS by E-commerce seller

An E-commerce seller is a seller who lists its products/services on E-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart etc. The question is whether & what TDS do they require to deduct. The answer is- like any other business, TDS compliance apply to an E-commerce seller just like it applies to any...

turnover certificate

Turnover certificate for various purposes

A turnover certificate is a detailed factual statement which certifies the turnover of an entity on basis the requirements. This certificate assures the users about the turnover generated by the business entity during a given period of time. Contents of a Turnover certificate The contents of this certificate will depend upon...

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proprietorship to company

Converting proprietorship business to a private limited company

You start a business as a proprietorship. After sometime, the business starts growing, which brings the need to change the constitution of the business from proprietorship to a company due to various factors such as: Need of capital for further expansion of business, saving in income tax through reduced...

Project report for bank/msme loan

Preparing project Report for loan from Banks- MSME loan/Mudra loan

Whether you want to start a new business or a project or you want to expand your existing business, finance is the bloodline of any business. When you have a great idea but do not have any money to execute it, you could look for loan from banks &...

save tax on salary

How to save tax efficiently for salaried Individuals

Who doesn’t want to pay less tax? So, in this article we are discussing about how a salaried Individual can save tax through tax planning. Salaried Individuals have comparatively limited options available when it comes to saving tax. Nevertheless, if we utilize what we have efficiently, a significant amount...

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